eBiz Technologies offers various Software Development Project models. Project Based Outsourcing is one of them.

What we offer as Project Based Outsourcing Partners:

What is project based outsourcing

Our project based outsourcing model allows us to take control over an outsourced software development project and manage all the tasks in the software development or IT project to meet the desired outcome with highest quality standards and at an affordable competitive cost.

In such an engagement we shall bring to the table all Information Technology and Software Development skills that are needed to complete each task in a project, and will provide the project management expertise needed to run and execute the project. In this model, our client does not have to get involved in day to day operational matters and focuses more on the final results of the projects.

Our project based software outsourcing model engages us actively in the project and provides more opportunities to access our capabilities to achieve the desired results.

How it works

  • You outsource the entire Software Development project or part of the project
  • We do the Requirement Gathering
  • We analyze the Software Development project
  • Our Technical and Functional software professionals work together with you to plan out the SDLC
  • We run and execute the software development project
  • You achieve the desired outcome with Highest Quality and Timely delivery


  • Vendor / Outsourcer partnership is the cornerstone of project based outsourcing since responsibility for outcomes rests with the service provider, i.e., eBiz
  • And while the client can benchmark and monitor outcomes through contractual obligations, the scope for intervention is limited; the entire delivery organization is with us
  • We take End to end accountability for projects (through appropriate SLAs)
  • Sharing of risks and reward – a key ingredient for true partnership
  • Project outsourcing enables significant productivity and cost benefits
    This model provides access to high quality delivery from low cost environment
  • The detailed design, programming, testing, quality assurance, documentation and other tasks can be performed in the off-site location, leveraging the lower resource costs
  • Project based offshore outsourcing model gives client the flexibility and comfort by relinquishing day to day control
  • Demands collaboration to define requirements and specifications of the project upfront
  • Good stepping off point to offshore delivery
    Constrained relationship
  • Provides rarely used specialist skills and satisfies one-off requirements economically
  • No long term commitment
  • Potential cost savings.