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eCommerece Integrated >> Meeting Tomorrow’s challange, today.

With advent of digital channels and globalization, online commerce has taken leaps forward in last fiteen years.

Today’s consumer (B2C & B2B) is well versed with technology and wants personlaised offers and cosistent shopping experience at their fingertips. Evolution of smart mobile technology has added a new dimension to business competitivness and its reach to consumers. According to some recent estimates, Global ecommerece market would be worth over $10 Trillion by 2020. Most noteworthy examples are eBay, Amazon, and Alibaba online market place.

Even though B2C and B2B ecommerce ecosystems sound quite similar, there are notable differences between the two.

In B2C commerce, sales are relatively simple, fixed price and in smaller volume. Shipping or “Click & Collect” methods are straight forward. Little regulation and tax complexity involved and products and services are easy to advertise and market.

In contrast, B2B commerce has to deal with highly variable prices, high sale volumes, needs flexible logistics solutions and tax and regulatory compliance across the world. For this reason B2B eCommerce is more complex and costly to establish and sustain as compared to B2C market place.

However, most B2B firms lack the capabilities necessary to cope with these complexities. That’s the reason why creating business strategies based on seamless, personalized engagement necessitate a major transformation in the speed and customization of underlying technology solutions.

To cultivate success in this fast paced changing online marketplace, B2C and B2B firms have greater need to analyze customer data and deepen the level of customer engagement across channels (marketing,payments etc) to deliver better value and customer experience to their consumers .

eBIZ Technologies commerce solutions—built on market-leading commerce platforms are designed to solve this problem and help organizations achieve sustainable growth.

Our Promise

  • Our B2C and B2B Commerce solutions reduce cost of establishing and doing business online, improved customer experience.
  • Customisable solutions according to your business need and provide “Software as Service”. This means that you do not pay any upfront setup cost and only pay if our solutions are adding to your business growth by increase in sales and transaction volumes. Also our dedicated team will partner with you to ensure smooth set-up and support for your day to day business needs.